Hooligan Perla z Polabí

Ch. Blue Nick-Nack o´the Highlands
Juniorchampion Německa, VDH, Champion Německa, VDH
CEA DNA Normal, MDR1+/+, HD A, JRD free, 38cm
Essence of Love Perla z Polabí
ZVOP, HWT-TS, IHT 1, IHT 2, MR v pasení TS (2010)
CEA carrier; CEA/PRA/Kat. neg, MDR1+/+, 37cm

Ch. Blue Nick-Nack o´the Highlands

Ch. Feljima`s Dashing Christmas Star

Eastdale Smart Surprise
Ch. Doonelodge Devil May Care
Eastdale Classic Black Fabienne

Feljima`s Summernight Dream
Skeldale Dashing Night Sky
Feljima`s Moonlight Maribelle

Blue Rubinetta O`the Highlands

Ch. Abuela Happy as Larry
Ch. Travids Home James
Celtic Promise of Abuela

Blue Heaven vom Ahrbach
ICh. Black Proter O´the Highlands
JCh. Akita Blue O`the Highlands

Essence of Love Perla z Polabí

Ch. Xcalibur of the Golden Fir

ICh. Dippersmoor Dignified
Ch. Milesend Dancing Major
Ch. Dippersmoor Delicious

Milesend Musical
Milesend Trivial Pursuit
Milesend Magic Musical

Keep Smiling z Ďáblovy studánky

ICh. Marvitholl Iscander
Ch. Marvitholl Starlet
Marvitholl Lillith

Ch. Duplicate z Ďáblovy studánky
Ch. Shelgate Midnight Magic
ICh. Kerry Kiss  z Ďáblovy studánky